Membership Rules and Pricing Structure


Membership is by subscription only. To safeguard the integrity of existing members, we have put in place strict rules regarding anyone joining


We have setup our pricing structure to be very attractive and competitive for members to join us. Our fees are structured to cover our hosting and administration costs.


6 Months = $2.90 USD

1 year = $5.50 USD

2 years = $10.50 USD


Payment is made through PayPal Secure Gateway. (We do not keep your payment details on our system)


Attention: Currency conversion varies from country to country. Please check your conversion rate to ensure that you are satisfied to join  using one of our subscription plans.


Please note that you will only pay if your membership has been approved. Once paid, subscription fees are NON REFUNDABLE.


Membership Procedures:

1. Enter your details using the signup forms.

2. When asked, you must upload a profile photo of yourself where you can clearly be identified.

3. You may optionally invite your friends or skip this process. 

4. If you are signing up for the first time, skip the subscription plan by clicking on Home. After approval, when signing in for the first time, you must select a plan of your choice.

5. After completion, you will need to verify that your email is valid.

6. After you have verified your email, we may send you another request to verify your authenticity if we feel that your details are inadequate.

7. The administration will check your details to ensure that you meet all the requirements of our Privacy Statement and our Terms of Service.

8. You will be notified if your membership is approved or not. Please allow 24 Hrs for the process.

9. On your first login you will be asked to join a plan of your choosing and pay the fee of your selected plan.